Violins and Visions dance in our heads

Violins and Visions dance in our heads

Violins Bring New Visions To Gallery Walk

By Mary McBeth

The June 4th Coconut Grove Gallery Walk received a shot of adrenaline. The Promenade at the Mayfair was electric with local artist and owner of Out of Africa Trina Collins conducting a symphony of artists to the musical selections of Miami Conservatory of Music violinist Andres Trujillo.

“Trina and I felt we needed something to give the Gallery Walk a boost,” says event co-organizer Joseph C. Grant, Jr. “We were kicking around some thoughts and Trina, who was a professional dancer, came up with this wonderful idea of having artists paint to the sound of instruments. We had a lot of support from the local artists, so we went with it.”

The remarkable performance exhibition, entitled “Violins And Visions” was the brainchild of artists Trina Collins and Joseph C. Grant, Jr. The idea was to bring a new crowd of people to the Gallery Walk. So Trina and Joseph got together with Brigitte Kishlar and Ana Roloff of the Conservatory, and came up with the clever idea of combining visual art and music.

The evening was a dramatic success that drew an audience of music and art lovers from all over Miami. Monty Trainer, David Collins and Sue McConnell were just a few of the Groveites that enjoyed the medley of sights and sounds.

A group of local artists participated in the live painting session while the music played and brushes waltzed with paints on a canvas dance floor to the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach.

“The Promenade was alive, said Ana Roloff. “It was very diverse. I liked the mix of the artists and music.”

Besides the organizers, participating artists included: dynamic art duo Patrick and Alicia Manning, Sheri Friedman of Blu Moon Studio of Art, Theresa Calluori and Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt.

“The Grove is doing a fine job with art on the walls, but to attract the large crowds we need more edgier things for gallery walk,” said David Collins, Executive Director of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (BID). “I think this was a great event. Everyone was riveted and understood what was going on.”

Joseph and Trina have also formed the Coconut Grove C.A.N. (Collective Artist Network), with the goal of organizing Coconut Grove artists to work together in enriching the community for artists and the people who love here.  The Groups number one priority is to restore the full artistic reputation of the Grove through a series of networkers and events.

“It felt like art was coming back to the Grove,” Monty Trainer, President of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival said. When asked if there was anything that would have improved the experience for him, Mr. Trainer responded, with a hearty checkle, “The only thing that would make it any better is if the fiddler would learn to play my favorite song -Cherri Blossom.”

According to Grant and Collins, they are just getting started. They have many more interesting exhibits in store for the Grove that they say will again make it the number one location for Art in South Florida year-round. If this first display was any indication of what the Coconut Grove C.A.N. can do, then art is truly on its way back to the Grove.

The Coconut Grove Gallery Walk takes place every first Saturday of the month. Art Goers can enjoy art, wine and Hors d’œuvres at participating galleries and at the following restaurants: Calamari, Lulu and Peacock Garden café.


About Mary McBeth: Mary is a freelance writer and copywriter in Coconut Grove. Through her company, she pens the words you want to get your businesses vision to potential customers.



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