The Oscars Come to City Hall and Kids of The West Grove Barnyard Get the Red Carpet Treatment

The Oscars Come to City Hall and Kids of The West Grove Barnyard  Get the Red Carpet Treatment

This Friday, September 23rd 2011 Arts To Literacy in association with The Other Side Movement and Coconut Grove Cares, The Barnyard brings a little touch of Hollywood to Coconut Grove.

Click 3 minute video above to view Red Carpet invitation by The OS Movement & Arts to Literacy

Eight children from Coconut Grove Cares the Barnyard will be honored at City Hall during the premiere of the Other Side Movement “Chose Life” advertisement campaign.

“The children to be honored by our program displayed a great amount of skill and creativity by writing, directing, filming and acting in several 30-second Public Service Announcements that will be aired on national and local television,” says Roland Athouris the founder and executive director of The Other Side Movement.

The red carpet will roll out in front of City Hall of Miami (3500 Pan America Drive, Miami, Fl 33133) from 6:30pm – 9:00pm complete with a limousine drop off for the children, media wall and paparazzi. Each child will walk the red carpet and receive a personalized award that resembles the famous “Oscar.” Miami Dade District 2 Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, a long time supporter of the Barnyard, will be the keynote speaker and also present each child with the coveted  “Oscar.”

This event is open to the public. Join the party in supporting and honoring these young men and women who are on their way to becoming our leaders of tomorrow.

The Brainchild of Roland Athouris and Joseph C. Grant, Jr.  this unique film program is the conjoined effort of three child advocacy groups: Coconut Grove Cares, The Barnyard, The Other Side Movement and Arts To Literacy.

Coconut Grove Cares was founded by Elizabeth Virrick and Father Theodore Gibson in 1948 to fight social injustice. Coconut Grove Cares evolved as the community’s needs evolved–from civil rights in the 60s and ex-offenders programs in the 70s, to today’s Barnyard. The Barnyard first opened its doors 1983, as a Community Center and safe supervised place for neighborhood children. Through The Barnyard, Coconut Grove Cares offers free After-School and Summer Programs to children ages 5-13. The Barnyard is an alternative to the streets and the often crippling realities of unemployment, poverty, violence, teenage pregnancy, and drugs. For more info go to:

The Mission of The Other Side Movement is to help transform the mindsets of youth plagued with issues such as Gun Violence, Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS, Drunk Driving, Drug Abuse & Teen Pregnancy. The OS Movement helps youth make better choices in their lives & through our programs we address the social, emotional and intellectual needs of vulnerable youth, while promoting integrity, dedication, and compassion. It’s all here at

The Arts To Literacy  program founded by artist and filmmaker Joseph C. Grant, Jr. is a self-sustainability journey that uses art, literature and film to captures the minds of its participants allowing them to explore the possibilities of life. Each 6-week program is designed to build esteem, teach life skills and strengthen the mind. Arts To Literacy is dedicated to the advancement of young men and women through art, entertainment and academics. Find out more at:

For more information call 1-800-365-6208

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