Project Runway, Eat Your Heart Out!!!

Project Runway, Eat Your Heart Out!!!

Can You Make a Better Paper Dress Than This?

Prove it!

Trina Collins and The Paper Bag Heads are taking paper couture to the next level.

They want the future fashion designers of Coconut Grove to join them at the August 6th Gallery Walk for the “Be Your Own Paper Doll” Fashion Show.

The rules are simple:

1. First, register at Out of Africa.  They’re at 2911 Grand Ave in Mayfair.  Do this by August 1 if possible.

2. Next, design an ensemble (dress, shirt, pants, skirt, suit, etc.), or an entire collection if you are really creative.  Obviously, the fashions must be made completely out of paper (news, wax, rice, wrapping, manila envelopes, you get the idea).

3. Finally, send yourself, your favorite model, or as many people as you can convince, down the catwalk at the Mayfair Fountain.

The fashion show will take place at 6:30pm Saturday August 6th.

Models and designers should meet outside the BID office at 6:00pm.

Questions?  Call Trina Tuesdays through Fridays between noon and 3:00pm at 305-445-5900

Photo courtesy of Oswaldo Franco

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