Halloween in Coconut Grove – a Message from the Grove Crime Watch

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Halloween in the Grove


When we here in Miami first start to notice less humidity in the air, cooler mornings, and a difference in the angle

of the light we know that fall has arrived, and in the Grove that means the Halloween evening celebrations are right around the corner. 


Plans have been under discussion for weeks and The Miami Police Department is well prepared and is finalizing

its operational plan to ensure a successful event.


Here is a list of street closings for the evening of October 31.


Grand Ave will be closed eastbound at McDonald, and all eastbound traffic on Grand Ave will be rerouted northbound on McDonald.


Southbound traffic on McDonald will be rerouted westbound onto Grand Ave.


Grand Ave will be closed East and Westbound At Mary Street. Mary Street will remain open for north and Southbound traffic


Virginia Street will be closed at Florida Ave,South of the entrance to the CocoWalk parking garage on Virginia to allow for parking for CocoWalk and the Mairfair Hotel.


Rice Street will be closed to traffic on Oak Ave Southbound and Florida AveNorthbound.


Main Highway will be closed to Eastbound traffic at Charles Ave, and traffic will be rerouted westbound on Charles Ave.  A police officer will be at that post to assist residents from the Cloisters to get in and out of their residences.  


No traffic will be allowed on Main Highway from the west alleyway of Commodore Plaza


Matilda Street will be closed to southbound traffic at Grand Ave


McFarlane Road will remain open to Northbound Traffic at Grand Ave to allow access to the Sonesta Hotel and St Stephens parking lot.


Police advise this list is subject to change.


In addition to the happenings in the business District we are reminded that this is also a residential area and this is also the night for all of our little witches and wizards will be out and about trick or treating. 


Parents are urged to use good sense with their children. Light colored costumes, flash lights, costumes that do not obstruct vision, and adult chaperoning are recommended.  Also as most Grove neighborhoods do not have sidewalks, never assume an approaching car can see you or that they are in complete control of their vehicle. 


With a little patience and common sense we will have a safe and enjoyable evening and a great start to all the holiday fun and events here in Coconut Grove. 

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