Zodiac Connections

Psychic Predictions for the Signs

By Sandra Richardson

January 2013

Aries:   This is a strong month for leadership abilities, business and standing up to authority figures. Thoughts are more towards father issues. Financial areas are growing. Love will not be controlled.

Taurus:   Stand up for yourself and protect what is yours! Love brings strong attractions. Continue to climb that ladder for success in career. Things do not always have to go your way. Friends are loyal.

Gemini:   Emotions are sensitive. Memory is excellent. Communications with family or friends bring happiness. Short trips are fun during the holidays. Finances are abundant. Don’t believe everything.

Cancer:  The plans you are making will work out well. Legal matters are favorable. Career brings opportunities for leadership. For love to work, more efforts need to be made. Not the time to gamble.

Leo:   You enjoy strong energy and ambitions. Business is good and finances indicate wealth. Intuition is accurate. Not everything needs to be said to everyone. Focus on humor and sensuality.

Virgo:   Almost everything about life is satisfying. Balance is found in solitude. If anyone expresses anger at you, it is not your fault. Love is pleasurable.  Health issues should be addressed.

Libra:   Volatile emotions bring indecisiveness. One day you are certain about a direction, and the next day you are certain about a different direction.  Finances should continue to be budgeted.

Scorpio:  Strong responsibilities are indicated. It is best not to communicate at this time. Wait until a better moment arises. Act in ways that keeps your reputation good. Finances are secure.

Sagittarius:  You are changing in your attitudes and behavior patterns. Love holds intense attraction. Devotion is found from an unexpected area. Remain true to yourself and all will be well.

Capricorn:  There are days when everything fits into place. Other days you prefer to stay in bed. Either way, intuition is accurate. Finances are growing. Love blossoms. Legal matters are favorable.

Aquarius:   You have too many things to do and not enough time. Stay focused in the present and not on what the future holds. Don’t act on impulses. Evidence is required. Trust in yourself.

Pisces:  Now is the time to give thought about your goals for the next year. Writing projects and travel are indicated. Thinking and planning all right however action is also needed. Creative ideas flow.


Voted 2012 Psychic of the Year by Miami New Times, Sandra Richardson is an internationally recognized psychic, author, and lecturer. She is available for psychic consultations from Wednesdays through Saturdays at  Celestial Treasures in Coconut Grove. Telephone: (305) 265-2228; Email:mysticalaamulet@earthlink.net; Website www.mysticalamulet.com.